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Deep Cycle Battery Information

Whether you use batteries in your solar or wind system, have a golf cart, boat, forklift, or truck the batteries are a major factor and can become VERY COSTLY. For less than the cost of a battery, our The Battery Life Saver electronic device will make your other costly batteries last and last AND will make their performance stronger and totally reliable. Stop replacing those costly batteries. Get a The Battery Life Saver electronic device! 

Purpose of Deep Cycle Battery

The purpose of a deep cycle battery is to supply electricity for a given period of time before it needs to be recharged. This is different than a battery designed for engine starting, called a starter battery. Starter batteries supply a high amount of electricity in a short period of time. The deep cycle battery cannot supply high current demands but can supply lesser current for a longer period of time without damage. The very nature of deep cycle batteries seems to invite misuse and damage. Operating for extended lengths of time at less than full charge and deeper discharges causes increased build up on the plates. This build up prevents electricity from flowing. 

Therefore, deep cycle batteries require maintenance:

  1. Recharge as soon as possible after each use and maintain the State of Charge at 100% to prevent permanent build-up.
  2. When in storage, continuous float charging (charging at low current, about 1 amp) is the best way to prevent build-up. Or recharge before the State-of-Charge drops to 80%. Build-up kills over 80% of deep cycle batteries.
  3. Reducing the average DoD (Depth-of-Discharge) will significantly increase a deep cycle life. For example, a battery with an average of 50% DoD will last twice as long or more as an 80% DoD; a 20% DoD will last five times longer than a 50% DoD. Golf cart batteries that average 225 cycles at 80% DoD will increase to 750 cycles at 50% DoD. Try to avoid DoD that are greater than 80%. Industrial, traction, and stationary deep cycle batteries with solid lead plates are designed for average of 80% DoD and most Marine/RV and golf cart deep cycle batteries with sponge lead plates are designed for average 50% DoD.
  4. Never discharge below 10.5 volts.

But who has the time for such maintenance?

The answer is: (The Battery Life Saver electronic device).

The Battery Life Saver electronic device is used at the same time the battery is charged by connecting the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal. The Battery Life Saver electronic device reverses of sulfate build-up by dissolving the sulfate crystals. Some deep cycle applications, like electric vehicles, can benefit from having The Battery Life Saver electronic device permanently connected. This optimizes the performance of The Battery Life Saver electronic device.